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Build your Warrior Physique & Mentality WITHOUT wasting time or money EVER again!

Adults Martial Arts

tied down with work, running a business, or busy with family commitments?

At FitRoots we understand that making time for training isn’t easy.

Our 4 Week Challenge will give you an Intro to Kickboxing, as well as online support, so you can keep up in your own time and at your own pace. You’ll get the tools you need to build your strength, confidence and discipline.

Are You Ready To Get Back On Track?

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

4 Week Kickboxing Challenge


• STARTS Monday 7th June 2021

• 2 Kickboxing classes/week (£150)

• Mon & Thurs @ 18:45 Wed @ 18:15 Sat @ 09:00

• Access to private Facebook support group (£50)

• PT app to help you build healthy habits & stay accountable (£199)

• Starter Pack Including FitRoots Uniform & Boxing Gloves (£90)

Worth £489

start today for £99

Only 20 spots available

Adults Martial Arts

Do You Want To...

Increase Your Energy Levels

If you are tired of feeling burnt out, it’s time to get your energy back. While training you will build strength, get fit, giving you the boost you need to face anything.

Develop Physically & Mentally

You’ll learn the physical aspects of Kickboxing while developing your mind too. Through developing your mind, you will never go off track again. 

Live A More Fulfilled Life

We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavour. You’ll start your journey actually applying the skills you learn, to real life scenarios and problems you face.

Kickboxing For Busy People

Life can get busy, we understand how difficult it is to make time for your mental and physical health. 

 Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, improve your fitness, self-defence skills or even your stress management, FitRoots will help you achieve your goals.

Unlike many Bootcamp style workouts, with Kickboxing you get to improve and continue learning. There are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back for more!

What's included?

PT App

Take action on the move.

• Access your training plan, videos and guides

• Log your food diary & progress photos 

• Accountability reminders from your coach

• Get daily reminders to keep you on track

Kickboxing Classes

Studying Kickboxing is something that anybody at any age or fitness level can do. Kickboxing classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults. Whether you want to defend yourself, lose weight, or just have fun, our adult classes have something to offer.


Using your app you will track, assess & optimise your training. If training is going to work you need to see what’s happening and why it’s happening.

We give you the tools so you can eventually become your own coach.


Get results, or we’ll work with you until you do, for free. Put simply – We won’t let you fail. We want to take all the risk off of your shoulders, and to do that, we’ll be with you every step of the way, and whenever you need help, just ask, and we’ll be there.

Your Own Personal Training App

As part of your challenge, you will track your progress to see how you are developing physical and mentally. 

Using your app you will track, assess & optimise your training. If training is going to work you need to see what’s happening and why it’s happening.

We give you the tools so you can eventually become your own coach.

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The Story Behind FitRoots

We all know that exercise and training is good for us.

But let’s be real – We don’t always do what is best for us, do we?

At FitRoots, we think it’s time to be real.

It’s hard enough to learn Kickboxing and start a fitness routine, let alone find a way to make it a habit in our lives.

Best intentions aside, there’s always something more important that comes up…

Family. Work. Business. Friends. TV, and even Social Media.

We promise ourselves we’ll start tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

Quite often, we see the latest fad diet, or gimmick fitness machine, and think we’ll give it our best shot.

You know, those ’12 Week Transformation’ programmes, or the ’30 Day Shred’. We know it’s too good to be true, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t think we’ll stick with it, but we give it a go.

From the first workout, it already feels like a chore. The physical training is damaging, and the mental stimulus is non existent. The demands on our time are too much. And just like that, the buzz, motivation, and instant gratification from buying the programme, withers away. Instead of looking forward to the programme, it’s become something we dread.

In the short term, this failure is familiar, yet even more frustrating than the last.

It’s completely demoralising, and increasingly expensive. Not just on our wallet, but on our bodies and minds too.

And at FitRoots, we know there is a better way.

We know there’s a way that fits in seamlessly with your daily life – Finding a little time for the workout that’s geared specifically for your body and mind, and is based on solid evolutionary and biological principles, so you can train more effectively, for the rest of your life.

We know there’s a way that focuses not just on training for vanity, but for training your mind too – Helping you to not only look better, but think better too. By learning Philosophy and Psychology, you’ll feel the balance that genuine Kickboxing can bring into your life.

And we know there’s a way that is pain free, and even delivers better results to you in the long run. Leaving you with more freedom, happiness, and drive to achieve all of your goals, for many years to come.

For far too long, the fitness industry has failed us all. It’s time to fix a broken way of doing things – with a solution that teaches you to master your life physically, mentally, and purposefully with Martial Arts.

Right now, we’re building the future of fitness.

And it’s coming soon to FitRoots.

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Want To Know More Before You Join?

Frequently Asked Questions

There is anywhere between 5-20 students in a class. Of course this depends on the day, the programme, and so on.

We find that most people want more guidance in their classes for themselves, and/or their children. So, regardless of whether we have more students in a class, we will make sure that there is a good ratio of instructors to students.

Yes. However, if you are not ready for sparring (controlled contact to practice your techniques), we are not going to let you do so.

We always aim to make sure you’re ready to push yourself, but in a safe and fun environment.

It’s roughly 50:50.

Of course it depends on the day and who turns up. When you’re getting started, we’ll make sure you’re with an appropriate partner for the exercises, and are always in a good line of sight from The FitRoots Team.


Mostly Kickboxing. However, we don’t believe in the “one style is better than the rest” frame of mind. As a result, we take the best bits from other Martial Arts, and integrate them into our syllabus.

Our instructors are versed not just in Kickboxing, but Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Wushu, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and more. This is so you can learn the best parts of Martial Arts, all in one place.

Perfect. Most people who train with us, started off just like you, with no experience in Martial Arts at all. You’ll be taken care of not just by the FitRoots instructors, but also by your fellow students, who felt just like you when they started as well.

The classes have a mixed level of ability, and are geared at all levels of students, regardless of what level they are at, or how long they have been training for.

We make this set up a success by having those students who are of an Intermediate and Advanced ability train together, and those who are Beginners, train together, under the watchful eye of The FitRoots Team.

So, whatever level you are currently at, we will be able to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready?

Join us at FitRoots Adults Martial Arts School in Slough, and we promise that you will have the best experience and service possible.