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Learning Martial Arts in a genuine way will impact all areas of your life. You will experience what it is like to be strong, mentally, and physically.

In our Adult’s Programme, we get deep into what you want to achieve, personally and professionally. It is important for you to apply what you learn inside class, outside of class.

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Learning Centre And The Mind

Learn Philosophy and Psychology from the ancient and modern worlds, and apply this wisdom to your life


Martial Arts and The Body

Learn Biomechanics to be pain-free, regain your natural posture, and build the best body you can imagine


Martial Arts and The Spirit

Live Mindfully, and find your Purpose through developing yourself and others, through continual learning

Adults Martial Arts School In Slough - 12 Key Focus Areas

We don’t specialise in one thing at the expense of another. We realise that Martial Arts is more than just punching and kicking.

A good Martial Arts School embodies the development of their students in mind, body, and spirit.

We focus on teaching you about:

• Philosophy • Psychology • Biology • Functional Strength
• Mobility • Flexibility • Breathing • Postural Correction
• Biomechanics • Anatomy • Nutrition • Personal Development

All this knowledge goes into your Martial Arts journey, making it the best it can possibly be.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is anywhere between 5-20 students in a class. Of course this depends on the day, the programme, and so on.

We find that most people want more guidance in their classes for themselves, and/or their children. So, regardless of whether we have more students in a class, we will make sure that there is a good ratio of instructors to students.

Yes. However, if you are not ready for sparring (controlled contact to practice your techniques), we are not going to let you do so.

We always aim to make sure you’re ready to push yourself, but in a safe and fun environment.

It’s roughly 50:50.

Of course it depends on the day and who turns up. When you’re getting started, we’ll make sure you’re with an appropriate partner for the exercises, and are always in a good line of sight from The FitRoots Team.


Mostly Kickboxing. However, we don’t believe in the “one style is better than the rest” frame of mind. As a result, we take the best bits from other Martial Arts, and integrate them into our syllabus.

Our instructors are versed not just in Kickboxing, but Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Wushu, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and more. This is so you can learn the best parts of Martial Arts, all in one place.

Perfect. Most people who train with us, started off just like you, with no experience in Martial Arts at all. You’ll be taken care of not just by the FitRoots instructors, but also by your fellow students, who felt just like you when they started as well.

The classes have a mixed level of ability, and are geared at all levels of students, regardless of what level they are at, or how long they have been training for.

We make this set up a success by having those students who are of an Intermediate and Advanced ability train together, and those who are Beginners, train together, under the watchful eye of The FitRoots Team.

So, whatever level you are currently at, we will be able to help you reach your goals.

Adults Martial Arts School With Transparent Teaching

At FitRoots, we don’t just say we’re honest and transparent, we live to give the best, and most transparent service to you.

If we feel something won’t work with your training or lifestyle, we’ll say so. We’re not yes-men, we view your Martial Arts training with us as a partnership.

We’re just as invested in your Martial Arts journey as you are.

We’re also upfront with our pricing, and how we work before you meet us in person. You can view this information here on our website.


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Adults Martial Arts
Learning Support

Martial Arts Schools are normally awful at giving support to you outside of class. We’re here to change that.

We realised that you want and need extra help to get better not just inside of class, but outside too.

Our promise to you is that anytime you need help, we’re here to talk, support, and guide you, so that you can master your life with Martial Arts.

We provide extra support through our Private Facebook Student Group, Messenger, and In-Person.

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