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Grading Day
Sunday 26th June 2022



A BLACK BELT is just a White Belt that NEVER quit!

Before you think about getting your Black Belt, enjoy the journey and apply for your NEXT Grading Spot Here

Grading is for you if:

• You know nothing worthwhile comes easily

• You DON’T give up when things get tough

• You are patient & realistic 

• You know the importance of Mental & Physical development

• You contribute to building a healthy & supportive community

• You are ready to adapt when you need to

Are You Ready To Level Up?

During This Grading You Will:

• Demonstrate your ability to execute your techniques in a practical way

• Push yourself to the limit in a high intensity fitness test

• Demonstrate your understanding of the mental teachings for your grade

• Contribute to building the FitRoots community and help others grow

• Apply your training to your everyday life

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How The FitRoots Grading Syllabus Was Born

Warlords Kickboxing Academy
My name is Aidan Lee…

For the first 21 years of my life, I thought my path was to become the Kickboxing World Champion. I truly believed I could, should, and would be the best there is…

I knew all about fighting. But I kept fighting with myself while accumulating a fair amount of brain damage, and instead of giving into the signs I continued fighting until I couldn’t anymore.

Martial Arts in simple terms means, ‘The Art of War. Of course, nowadays, the war is not necessarily physical, but more spiritual.

Thus, modern day warfare is spiritual warfare.

This insight has come from bridging my Martial Arts background and studying Philosophy at university.

The power of Philosophy is that it gives us as humans deep insight into who we really are, what we are here to do, and why we are here.   

Now, it is my duty to pass these teachings onto all students young and old.

Perform Under Pressure

FitRoots Grading


• Mental Grading Assessment & Feedback

• Personalised Grading Preparation Tips

• Video Feedback

• Grading Day Invitation 

• Grading Ceremony Invitation (upon passing)

• Partial Grading Retake (if required)

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