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Whether you're ready to help your child improve their focus, discipline, or just want them to learn valuable life skills... Our Kids programmes give your child the roadmap to becoming their best self, so they know exactly how to steer their lives moving forwards. No more wasted time messing around.

Learning Martial Arts is all about Physical & Mental resilience.

Are you ready to prepare your child for LIFE?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your child can begin training with us from two years old. Our first programme (Mini Monkeys) is specifically for 2 – 3 year olds, so they will fit right in.

So, if you’re unsure about the suitability of which programme is best for your child, and when they should start, please reach out to us, and we can discuss what you want for your little one, and their character development.

The best age to start is now. We’re true believers in starting as soon as you can, especially if you want to get good at it from a young age.

Because our Mini Monkeys (who are only 2 and 3 years old) truly show us how Martial Arts can positively enhance a child’s life, from such an early age.

Hence, for anyone else, the best time to start is now!

Of course. We have a seating area for you, so you can watch your child develop. We believe parents must take an active role in their child’s development, and ideally, it’s best for you to watch and stay for classes.

Also, if you can’t always be there, that’s fine too, but we recommend you’re there more than you’re not.


That’s ok. They’re more than welcome to join us. We want to help families like yourself, who have children that can be challenging at times.

Similarly, we understand that not every child is the same, and that they can’t all be taught in the same way.

So, it would be best for us to have a quick chat together, and see what things can be put in place to help your child before they come in to class.

Please contact us, and we can figure out what is the best way for your child to begin.

Maybe, it depends how old your child is, and their ability level.

So, if they are 13 years old + they will most likely join our Adult’s Programme.

However, if they are 12 years old or younger, then they will be a part of our Kid’s Programmes. Furthermore, we assess students on a case by case basis, so if their ability exceeds their peers, then it’s possible for them to train in the adult’s classes.

Our Mini Monkeys Programme, is specifically for 2 – 3 year olds.

It’s a unique Parent – Toddler class where the children learn by following simple instructions, through auditory and visual cues, so they are able to develop their communication skills in a group environment.

As a result, they learn the fundamentals of Martial Arts in a fun, yet structured way.

We’d love for you and your toddler to come and try for yourself. Feel free to get in contact with us, and we will be happy to get to know your little one before you come down for your Free Taster Class.

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