What Is Our Pricing?

Martial Arts Schools are usually not great at giving CLEAR pricing information on their website. We want to be clear and upfront with you.

We’re different.

Yes, it’s true. The price of your membership does depend on a number of factors such as:

– How many times/week you want to join classes

– How long you want to commit to your membership for

– What other support you want outside of class

BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t give you an idea of the pricing.

Below, we’ve listed the prices of our core programmes and what’s involved.

Martial Arts School Pricing

All students commit to joining us as a way of changing their lives, with our 12 month programme. Martial Arts is a lifelong journey, and and we believe a year is the minimum time frame a student needs to commit, to feel great results.


You have the option of committing to your membership in full for the year, or on a monthly installment option.


For those who want to build solid foundations
- Train 2 x/week
£ 1550 Yearly
  • Get 2 Months Free
£ 155 Monthly Payment Plan


For commited students, who want great results
- Train 3 x/week
£ 1750 Yearly
  • Get 2 Months Free
£ 175 Monthly Payment Plan


For those who want the BEST results!
- Train Unlimited x/week
£ 1900 Yearly
  • Get 2 Months Free
£ 190 Monthly Payment Plan


Starter Pack

Save money and time before you have even started, and get all of your uniform and equipment in one go, so you are ready to start.

Details of what’s included are below in the More Info About Pricing section.

Accelerator Course

Fast track your progress with our 12 week Accelerator package for £289.

You’ll get 4 1-1 sessions as well as Grading Preparation for junior students or our Modern Warrior Online PT programme for adults. 

The Payment Plan

This is the payment plan that we set up for you.

Starter Pack

To make sure you have everything you need, our Starter Pack is the best way to get started

Membership Pricing Forward Arrow

The First Month

Your first month’s payment will be a Pro-Rata payment, or full first month’s payment

Membership Pricing Forward Arrow

Ongoing Membership

Your membership payments will be taken via Direct Debit on the 1st of every month

More Info About Pricing

It’s true, we are more expensive than a lot of Martial Arts Schools, but our programmes, syllabuses, and process get great results. If you want to Master Your Life with Martial Arts, the methods taught to you must not only be the best, but taught in the most thorough way too. How much would you pay for guaranteed results?

Yep. We’ve been asked why we’re so expensive, but also why we’re so cheap.

For what you will learn in our programmes, our students appreciate the value they get from being a part of The FitRoots Community is priceless.

Your membership payments are made by Direct Debit. Any one-off payments can be added to your Direct Debit, or be taken by Debit/Credit card.

We like to get money out of the way, so we can focus on why you joined in the first place… To learn genuine Martial Arts!

The Starter Pack is the best way for your child to get started in their Martial Arts Journey. It’s includes the following:

  • FitRoots T Shirt
  • FitRoots Kickboxing Trousers
  • FitRoots White Belt
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Focus Mitts
  • Character Development Programme
  • FitRoots Grading Syllabus
  • No Joining Fee

= £115 (One off payment)

For Combat and Future Warriors:

Everything above PLUS

  • Shin Guards
  • Gum Shield
  • Groin Guard (For boys)

= £150 (One off payment)

Your payment will be split into three parts. Your Starter Pack is a one-off fee, which is due at the end of your Free Taster Class.

The second payment is your Pro-Rata payment or full first month’s payment. This may be due at the end of your Free Taster Class, depending on your start date.

Lastly, your ongoing membership payments will be due on the first of every month.

We give you full access to our Private Facebook Group just for students, if you need any help outside of class. You can get help from The FitRoots Team, and you can learn from each other’s successes too.

We’re also available via email or Facebook Messenger if you want to discuss something privately. And of course, in person when you’re at classes.

You’ll also get your hands on resources on everything Martial Arts, Health, and Wellbeing related, we make just for our students.

Definitely. We help Beginners all the time, and make sure our programmes are suitable for everyone. 

Many Martial Arts Schools may be cheaper, but will either be too hardcore for beginners, or not challenging enough. We’ve found the sweet spot for Beginners, Advanced, and everyone in between.

The Starter Pack is the best way for you to get started in your Martial Arts Journey. It’s includes the following:

  • FitRoots T Shirt
  • FitRoots Kickboxing Trousers
  • FitRoots White Belt
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Groin Guard (For men)
  • Shin Guards
  • 1-2-1 Consultation
  • FitRoots Grading Syllabus
  • No Joining Fee

= £185 (One off payment)

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