Build your Elite Physique, Find a Zen Work-Life Balance, and Become a Powerful Warrior For your Family In 90 Days

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The Modern Warrior Transformation

Online Personal Training

Personalised For Busy Dads

Our expert guidance and personalised Battle Plans, guide you to effortlessly achieve your fitness and body transformation goals.

Become A Powerful Warrior For
Your Family

Are you struggling to maintain a
work-life balance?

99% of dads today will never truly Be A Powerful Warrior For Their Families.

They don’t know what it’s like to achieve their Elite Physique, Zen Work-Life Balance.

They are too busy drowning in work responsibilities, juggling family commitments, and trying to maintain a work-life balance.

Their families suffer because they aren’t strong and present role models OR supportive partners for their wives. 

Breaking this cycle is vital.

This is why I do what I do.

My students become Powerful Warriors for their families, lead by example, and build a thriving family legacy.

In The Modern Warrior Transformation, you will access the guidance you need to unlock your Elite Physique, and commit to being your best self so you can achieve lifetime results.

Ready to become a Powerful Warrior
for your family?

Build an Elite Physique that will last for life AND Master a Zen State of Work-Life balance.

Step back onto The Path and take back control of your health, performance, and family dynamic.

My ongoing Mission is to ceaselessly empower Dads like you.

Master Your Mind 

Conquer Your Body 

Lead Your Family 

Reignite Your Relationship 

Embrace Your Legacy 

Rise to Greatness

If this is exactly what you want, then take a look at the Modern Warrior Transformation below.

Hey! I’m Aidan, Founder of FitRoots.  

I understand the challenges that Busy Dads face in juggling their work, family, and personal goals. 

That’s why every Dad on my programme receives their personalised Battle Plan so they can work on their Physical, Mental, and Spiritual development.

This is not your standard fitness programme!

The Modern Warrior Transformation will guide you to Build your Elite Physique, find a Zen state of Work-Life Balance, and Become a Powerful Warrior For Your Family.

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