Master Your Life With Martial Arts

Looking to learn Martial Arts? Join FitRoots, and let us help you Build Your Warrior Physique & Mentality on your journey. All without wasting time and money on the next fad. Sound good!?

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Are You Tired Of...

Poor Results?

Slow Personal Growth?


Build Your Mind, Body & Spirit
With FitRoots

A FitRoots Student wants to learn genuine Martial Arts. Developing your Mind, Body & Spirit the FitRoots way means having the tools to build your strength, confidence & future in a functional way.

There are only three ways to grow to have the life you want, and FitRoots will give you the foolproof roadmap to succeed in all of them.

Martial Arts and The Mind

Prime Your Mind

Become ultra resilient, disciplined and confident

Learn Philosophy & Psychology

Harness your Energy
Learn Meditation
Connect with your Community
Martial Arts and The Body

Train Your Body

Supercharge your body's ability to move & function


Perfect your Posture
Relieve Tension and Pain
Become Fast and Strong
Martial Arts and The Spirit

Build Your Spirit

Create your own journey & fulfil
your life's purpose


Find your Purpose
Inspire others
Lifelong Learning

Because Martial Arts Isn't
Just About Kicking And Punching...

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Meet Mario...
A FitRoots Student

Mario wanted to get back to his Martial Arts training after a 12 year break.

But he was working 7 days a week with little time for himself, and his family.

Feeling tired, frustrated, and knowing that he had more potential, Mario joined FitRoots...

Since joining Mario has picked up new skills, built his speed, as well as his mental and physical strength.

He now earns learns twice as fast as he ever did, only training THREE times a week.

And more importantly he has lot's of time to spend with his family. And that's what FitRoots is about...

Where Will Your Martial Arts
Journey Start?

Adults Martial Arts

Kids martial Arts

Little Lions Kids Martial Arts Class in Slough

Online Personal Training

Maybe you don't know where to start?

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Join Hundreds Of Successes...
Like Aaroosh

Within a month of joining FitRoots, Aaroosh developed his focus and confidence.

His mum stopped spending time taking him to all sorts of activities, because he found something he loved and that he finally wanted to stick with.

3 years later and he still as passionate, he has made new friends and his parents don't waste time or money on things he won't stick with.

HIGH 5! Go Aaroosh!

Looking for a fun activity for your child that will teach them life long skills?

Take a look at our Kid’s Programmes here…

Martial Arts In Slough

The FitRoots Martial Arts Team

We use Martial Arts to teach families the steps they need to take, to be healthier and happier.

From receiving your White Belt, to earning your Black Belt, we will help you train your mind and body, to master your LIFE!

Instructor team with 92+ years of collective experience

Originates from Sensei Dave Lee’s Warlords Kickboxing Academy, est. 1980

100’s of students with Life Changing results

3 Easy Steps to develop your
healthy habits for life

Come in for a
FREE class

Experience Martial Arts through a new lens, to further develop your Mind, Body and Spirit

Create your
action plan

Our Expert Instructors will help you map out your goals, and guide you to your Black Belt!

watch your

Join our Community and make friends who support you whilst becoming healthy and happy!

See How Your Life Will Transform With

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It never gets ‘easier’ 

you just get stronger



Learn Skills to make you feel Safe and Confident, wherever you are, whilst having fun

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Supportive &

Make Friends who share your Goals, and are on the same Mission as you... To get Results!



We will partner with you, so you won't fail. Get the Help you need, when you need it

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Push You To Your Limit

Choose a new way of Thinking, that will help you grow beyond your limits

No matter your age

or fitness level

Join Hundreds Of Happy Students...

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12 Habits To Transform Your Life In 12 Weeks
12 simple habits To
transform your life
…Even if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to your health and wellbeing knowledge

How Much Life Have You Missed Out On
Because Of Your Lack
Of Self-Mastery?

First of all, here’s the tough truth you probably already know.

If you want change, YOU have to change!

Above all, we promise that you will get great results and we will make sure you do not fail.

As a result, you have to meet us half way.

Let’s drop the excuses from now on, and solve this once and for all.

Join FitRoots, and get the results you are after.

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