Kids Kickboxing: 6 Common Misconceptions Parents Have

“It’s too aggressive”, “it’s too hard”, are just a few of the common misconceptions you may have about kids Kickboxing classes. If you are a parent, and have something holding you back from getting your chid started with Martial Arts, you may not be alone.

Better yet, it may be a common misconception which does not need to hold you back.

Mainstream media and kids Kickboxing

Just like many mainstream activities which gain popularity, people will put out misinformation, which leads to misunderstandings. Some of which you will find below.

Language frames our perception of things. For each misconception below, you will find a way to reframe your language to see kids Kickboxing in a new light.

We’ll tell you the truth by ending each misconception, with ‘The reality’.

I wanted to address just a few of these misconceptions using my own experiences and understanding of Kickboxing.

If you are currently on the fence about sending your child to Kickboxing classes, this will provide you with some insight.

Misconception 1: Kickboxing is dangerous

It’s true, there have been a number of fatalities in the past resulting from combat sports. However, this does not mean that kids Kickboxing is dangerous, but it can be if not practiced correctly.

British taekwondo fighter Lutalo Muhammad, who first started Martial Arts aged three, says knowing how to kick and punch “shaped him into the man he is today”. He also avoided any type of violence outside of the gym.

“I never got into fights at school and I’ve never got into any street altercation. With any combat sport, you’re taught to only use it in self-defence,” says the 27-year-old Rio 2016 silver medalist.

“I would often be a moderator if there was a fight in the playground, I could defuse the situation. I was taught discipline, confidence and leadership skills.”

Just like many Martial Arts, kids Kickboxing can be dangerous, and they can get hurt.

But the real risk and thing to look out for is damage. Will you experience any sort of damage?

Read more about the risks of Martial Arts here in our blog ‘Is Martial Arts Violent?’

The reality: Kids Kickboxing can be dangerous without the right guidance.

Misconception 2: Kickboxing is only for men

Unlike some other Martial Arts, Kickboxing is often associated with boxing or fighting.

MMA and Kickboxing

With the rise of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and many of the fighters coming from a Kickboxing background, this is completely understandable.

But just like any other Martial Art, Kickboxing will teach your child many life skills including focus, respect, resilience, and much more.

Kickboxing will cater to whatever needs you and your child has. If you want them to find one that is more games based, you can find more of an activity based school. If you want them to learn the Martial Arts technique in a slow or intense pace, you can also find more focused schools which will better serve your needs.

The reality: Kickboxing is for everyone.

Misconception 3: Kickboxing is the same as Karate

We get this one all the time.

Yes, Kickboxing is an evolution of Karate, but they are not the same.

Karate can be described as more regimented than Kickboxing, with its katas and forms (set sequence of movements performed in a particular way).

Karate in modern times

Many children nowadays may lack the discipline, or enthusiasm for this style of Martial Art. They are growing up in a world which is much more fast paced, resulting in shorter attention spans and a desire for instant gratification.

Students can still get the benefits of Karate, and stay engaged for longer, with the faster pace that Kickboxing offers.

Kickboxing also has more freedom woven into the style, with freestyle pad work and sparring to help students develop their creativity and style.

To find out more about the differences read ‘Karate vs Kickboxing’ here.

The reality: Kickboxing has many similarities to Karate as it has evolved from it.

Misconception 4: Kickboxing is difficult

Sure, learning to become an elite Kickboxer is hard, really hard – But anything at an elite level is expected to be.

But assuming this is not what you or your child is looking for, and you’re both looking for skill development and fun, then Kickboxing will be as challenging as you want. Whether you’re looking for fun, skill development, fitness, you will find what you are looking for.

Kids Kickboxing classes can be a steeper learning curve for some children more than others. If your child has trouble learning combinations of movements in a class environment, they may get frustrated initially.

Remember your child should start where they are comfortable. If things are a bit too high intensity for them, they should go at their own pace and build up slowly.

The reality: Kickboxing is challenging, and my child will learn to be comfortable learning new things.

Misconception 5: Kickboxing is too aggressive

So, you’re trying to get your child to STOP fighting with their siblings, not learn how to get better at it.

The thought of getting them to learn how to kick and punch harder just doesn’t appeal to you.

Well, that does not appeal to us either.

Not to worry though, Kickboxing, just like many other Martial Arts can teach your child to channel their energy in a positive way. All you need to do is find the right school or instructor.

The thing with Kickboxing is it can be instructed in three ways – for fighting, defending, or fitness. So, the type of class you can take part in is really determined by what you are looking for.

Why do you want to start Kickboxing?

Whether your child is looking to become an elite professional fighter, learn self defence, or channel their aggression in a healthy way, Kickboxing offers a fun and fresh way to get there!

But if you are looking for your child to learn self defence, be honest with yourself. Do you think they will learn how to defend themselves effectively if there is NO risk of them getting hurt in class?

The key here is that you do not want them to experience any damage.

The realityKickboxing can be intense, and will teach my child to defend themselves in real life situations.

Misconception 6: Kickboxing is too expensive

Just like anything, the price of Kickboxing classes will vary from school to school. This will depend on the location, support, availability etc. Read more about ‘How Much Martial Arts Cost?’ here.

If budget is an issue for you, think to yourself, ‘How much would I pay for the results I am looking for?’.

So, if you want to help your child build confidence, how much would you pay to build their confidence?

What’s the price of your child’s confidence?

You can also consider what future value you can bring to their lives if they build their confidence now. They will build better relationships, stand up to the school bully, or even become the next Einstein.

Whatever your budget, you will find a school that suits you if you do your research. You can find classes for just £5 per session or for as much as a few hundred a month for a membership.

If you are in Slough, why not checkout out some of our awesome Kickboxing classes?  kids


We can offer you a Free Taster Class at FitRoots before you decide on a membership.

The realityKickboxing is an investment for my child if I find the right school to teach them life skills.

Still unsure about Kickboxing for your child? Have any favourite misconceptions to add to the list?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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