Why We’re Launching Online Personal Training & How You Will Benefit

The world of Online Personal Training is a confusing one, even for us! 

So, we understand how confusing it can be for you, if you’re looking for an Online Personal Trainer. You want to be guided by someone you can trust and believe in. 

We want to give you a great service, whilst making sure your results reflect your effort and investment too. 

Here, we’ll go into why we’re launching our Online Personal Training service, and how exactly it will help you.

Why we’re launching Online Personal Training 

We want to help more people like you, get a great solution to your health and wellbeing needs, whilst avoiding all of the snake oil salesmen. 

The health industry is rife with programmes, but falls short with genuine solutions. 

We’re here to change that. 

There are fundamental pieces missing from most Personal Trainers’ programmes, that render them useless to you. 

For example, would it be fair to say, that if anyone wants to change something, that change has to initially occur within themselves? 

We think so. 

If that’s the case, isn’t it obvious that there needs to be some internal, as well as external education for students? 

You see, the right internal learning and questioning, leads to the right external results e.g., fat loss, looking great etc. 

You have to begin taking a personalised, wholesome, and holistic approach to your health. 

It’s vital that you learn from the right disciplines, such as Philosophy, and Psychology, so you can truly understand why you make the decisions you do. 

Let’s learn what’s wrong with how Online Personal Training is done, so we can avoid doing those things with you and your programme. 

What’s wrong with Online Personal Training? 

Online Personal Training is very similar to the rest of the Personal Training and health industry. 

Cookie cutter programmes are sold just to make a quick buck. The trainers are not serious about getting to the root of the cause of your problems. 

Unfortunately, this industry wide problem is not new.  

It’s been going on for as long as Personal Training has been a thing. 

But now, the problem has just shifted online. 

How we will help you avoid the traps 

So, we want to help you to stop being duped into taking the next programme that promises results without you doing any work. 

Or the programme which has ‘the best kept secrets’ (which turn out to be nothing new)! 

And what’s just as bad, if not worse – Your body and mind will get damaged in the process, from adopting training methods which are good for nobody. 

Most Online Personal Training programmes use Bodybuilding, CrossFit, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) methods, which are making your posture, pain, and wellbeing worse. 

Don’t let yourself be fooled by this stuff. 

Is the industry preying on your insecurities? 

We speak to people just like yourself all the time, who are sick of the same old spiel from the ‘health industry’. 

They’re sick of being preyed on for their insecurities, and it’s clear that they just want someone to help them. 

If you’re thinking about doing Online Personal Training, you don’t just want to get a ripped body for the summer, or look good to attract the opposite sex. 

There are always deeper goals and wishes at play. 

Let’s focus on those instead of the temporary surface level veil. 

As with everything we do at FitRoots, we will always make sure we give you the real deal. 

So, now you know what we’re against in traditional Online Personal Training, let’s show you how we’re doing it, and how it will help you. 

What will be in your FitRoots Online Personal Training programme? 

Now, let’s go through what exactly needs to be in your new programme, to make sure it’s successful for both you, and us (potentially your new Online Personal Trainer). 

It’s important to consider these things, and see if they’re a right fit for you or not. 

Go through them one by one, and make sure they check off all the things you need. 

You need a personalised, wholesome and holistic approach 

For your best results, it’s not enough to have a templated programme that somehow fits your needs. 

That method is only possible if you don’t take into account your individual issues and pains. 

We will create your programme based on various assessments such as your: 

  • Biomechanics – This is your movement patterns, posture, and understanding of how your body works as a unit. Getting this right is key. It will allow us to give you the right exercises to strengthen, loosen, and reposition your body as it needs 
  • Fitness – Without knowing how fit you are, there’s no point prescribing exercises to you that you can’t perform well. Think quality movement patterns over bad movement patterns with quantity 
  • Nutrition – Here, we’ll create an honest picture of where you are at, and how we can improve your nutrient intake, using simple psychological tools, which increase the chances of you sticking with your new eating practices 
  • Lifestyle – Understanding how you live your life on a day to day basis, will give us the knowledge to coach you through the changes you need to make, both physically and mentally. We will bring your life into its natural balance, by working with the natural order of your mind, body, and its physiology, to keep you healthy, and away from sickness and disease 
  • Sleep – To give you the best results, we’ll work on how you can get the deepest of sleeps, so your body is able to rest and recuperate naturally and easily 

The results from these assessments create your benchmark. 

From here, we know exactly how to tailor the programme according to your needs. Exercises, habits, your mental development, and other health methods can be integrated into your lifestyle at the right pace for you. 

It will be personalised, wholesome, and holistic, because we look at you as your complete self. 

That is, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Only after doing this, do we then create the right recommendations for you. 

You need to learn from the right disciplines 

Getting results is simple, you just need the right process in place from us, and a willing mentality. 

But to give you the right tools so that you can keep learning, even after you have finished your first programme with us, is priceless. 

The way to achieve this, is by giving you enough scope, so that the path you are about to walk on, keeps on giving. 

And even though you will just get a brief understanding of them with us, you will know where to direct your focus for future learning. 

This scope comes from us choosing the right disciplines for you to learn. 

What disciplines are involved? 

Here’s the topics we know are vital for you to get long term physical and mental success with your health: 

  • Myofascial Release (MFR) and Postural Correction – MFR is effectively self-massage, and will help you to understand your body better, by locating where its pain, tightness, and problems are. Which will lead to you being able to correct your posture with the right exercises 
  • Functional Strength Training (FST) – FST is the building block to engage your body’s systems together, and strengthen them for everyday movements like walking, running, and throwing 
  • Biomechanics – Understanding this field will give you deep insight into how to connect all parts of your body as one, and begin using your body how it was meant to be used 
  • Martial Arts – One of the few disciplines which integrates a mind, body, and spirit approach. You will learn the basics and apply them to the rest of your training 
  • Breathing – Better breathing leads to better function of more less everything in your body. Give your body the life force it needs, and we’ll build in simple exercises you can do to strengthen your body’s vitality and energy 
  • Hydration – Proper intake of healthy fluids is key for peak performance. We’ll look to balance your body’s electrolytes (minerals with an electric charge) for optimal intake and you’ll feel the vast difference 
  • Light – Differentiating between good (sunlight) and bad light (artificial blue light e.g., from phones, tablets etc.), and when to use each throughout the day is key to optimising your hormones and keeping your body healthy for life 
  • Stress and Sleep – When these two are managed effectively, they will help you to perform to the best of your potential, and rest deeply when you need to 
  • Philosophy and Psychology – ‘It’s not what you think, it’s how you think’, as my Philosophy professor told me. Building the right thinking structures into your life will help you immensely in everything you do, not just your health 
  • Nutrition – Rather than being given a meal plan, we’ll teach you principles you can abide by wherever, and whenever 

Already, you will see the depth we will go to with you. 

We will make sure you get the best results on a deeper level. 

We want you to make a deeper transformation, not just for now, but forever. 

You need a simple place to access your training and learning resources 

Ultimately, we wanted to find a way where we can deliver the same experience, to our in person students, as we do online to you. 

What might sound even crazier, is that we think for the right student, we can get just as good if not better results by doing proper Online Personal Training. 

To do this, we’ve built a platform of training and resources which will give you simple access to your programme as and when you need it. 

The FitRoots Online Personal Training app and online portal has been created to give you a simple way to assess, track, and record your progress. 

In the app, you’ll be able to access everything you need throughout your programme. 

Let’s move onto the benefits of FitRoots’ new Online Personal Training programme. 

How FitRoots Online Personal Training will help you 

To wrap up, let’s go through the benefits of the programme, and exactly how it will help you achieve your goals: 

  • You will have a personalised training programme as and when you need it – Complete with video demonstrations and descriptions. You can even record a video of your technique, and submit it to us for feedback 
  • You will have support on hand whenever you need it, through our student support email, the in app Messenger, and even coaching calls – With timely reminders in the app to keep you on track 
  • You will finally achieve your goals with a meaningful programme, not just another calorie and weight loss diet fad – You’ll get a habit-based nutrition protocol (with tracking to see your progress) which has a higher success rate than other outdated nutrition methods. And if you like meal plans, those will be there for you too 
  • You will have a schedule created for you – You can even receive notifications on the app to remind you of your next training session, habit to complete, and much more 
  • You don’t have to waste time trying to find the right solution 
  • If you do the work, it will work for you – We will even give you a solid 12 week guarantee (that’s the whole duration of the programme), to make sure we are as committed as you 
  • You are not location or time bound – Your programming will fit with your schedule and lifestyle 
  • We will use our custom app to make tracking and your results as great as they can be. We will track your food intake with photos, adherence to habits, progress photos, weight/fat loss, postural improvements, and much more 

There you have it, that’s how our new Online Personal Training programme will benefit you. 

If you are ready to get started, then contact us at info@fitroots.co.uk and we will put your name down on our VIP Waitlist. 

Once the programme is nearly live, we’ll let you know, and give you access to our special launch price as a thank you for being one of our new students.

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