What Is KickBoxing? A Brief History & Overview Of The Art

Yasmin Arman

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In simple terms, you might be wondering what actually is Kickboxing?

It is a Japanese hybrid Martial Art based on kicking and punching, it was developed and designed as a hybrid between Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate originated in the 1950s in Japan.

It grew in popularity in the West over the next 10 years. In Osaka in the 1960s, the first true Kickboxing events were being helped by the 1970s. 

It emerged as a sport in the West and practitioners from Karate backgrounds had to perform through trial and error and adapt to the new rule sets. This proved tough test for many as they didn’t realise the energy and fitness levels needed to fight in a more realistic way. 

Kickboxing uses a mixture of linear and circular techniques to ensure that you can virtually defend an attack from any position while standing up in most Boxing, Kickboxing, and even more Thai gyms. These will be the first techniques you learn as it sets the foundation for keeping yourself out of harm’s way. 

If you train properly, kickboxing will get you in great shape, help you to defend yourself and also help you personally and professionally develop. 

Remember learning Martial Arts is a way of life and you’ll be able to master your life with martial arts if you focus on building your mind, body and spirit through your learning journey.

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