7 Questions To Ask An Online Personal Trainer Before Spending Money

Are you ready to to start training, but don’t know what questions to ask an online personal trainer?

Here you will find the 7 key questions to ask an online personal trainer before spending any money!

It can be hard to know who will be best for you, especially when you are not face to face. With everyone promising guaranteed results and endless meal plans, it almost seems like they’re all just the next best fad.

Before you invest hundreds, or even thousands of pounds in online personal training, it is important to ask your online personal trainer these questions to get the most out of your money. 

It has never been easier to find a personal trainer with the expertise you are looking for. With the world of fitness opening up online there are hundreds, even thousands of online personal trainers popping up. 

You’re probably wondering what questions to ask, and which answers are right. 

With so many of them promising to help people slim down, tone up and improving their posture in just 6 weeks, use these 7 questions to help pick the right online personal trainer for you. 

#1. What equipment or supplements do I need? 

Without having your online personal trainers bring their equipment to you, you’ll need to manage your own set up.  

Make sure it is affordable

Both supplements and equipment can be expensive, so on top of paying for your online pt, you don’t want to be spending loads on things you may not actually need.   

Depending on what you have, or don’t have, you will need to find a trainer that will help you either train with limited equipment or make the most of what you do have.  

Before you start, understand what you’ll need and assess whether it is affordable for you.  

What FitRoots will answer

We don’t always make equipment or supplements a requirement, mostly a recommendation. Although we do recommend some basic equipment to ensure you get the most out of your training, especially when you have reached a certain level.

This can include anything from small dumbells to Epsom salt for relaxation and recovery.

But we definitely won’t ever recommend expensive, artificial training supplements.

#2. What’s included in the programme? 

When you ask this question, you will probably already have in mind what you are looking for already.  

You might want to know: 

  • Do they do weekly weigh ins and measurements? 
  • How many sessions do you get a week? 
  • What type of physical training do they offer? 
  • Will you get nutrition advice? 

Make sure you are both on the same page

It’s important to have a mutual understanding with your personal trainer, so don’t assume you will just get what you are looking for. 

Some online personal trainers will also have different tiers, so you won’t necessarily get everything that they offer in the tier you choose. They may say they give weekly zoom calls, but this may only be on their highest tier programme, which will inevitably cost a fair amount more, if it takes a lot more of their time.  

Have a full understanding of what you get with the programme you are planning to go ahead with. 

What FitRoots will answer

Our programme is centred around you building a warrior mentality and physique!

This means you’ll get a wholesome programme including; Martial Arts, Functional Strength Training, Philosophy, Posture & Pain Management, Nutritional Guidance and lots more. 

We will also include an overall assessment from you lifestyle, to your measurements and posture. By the end of your programme you be looking back at your assessmenet photos and description feeling like a new person. The physical transformation is only a small part of it.

#3. What is your client assessment process? 

A personal trainer should be designing programmes tailored to your health and fitness goals. To do this it is important for them to know your starting point.  

You might be asked to fill out a PAR-Q, this is a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. This is all about your health, any physical problems you might have, medication you’re on, any hereditary illnesses and some other bits. Basically, to make sure you are ok to exercise. Always make sure your PT asks if you have any illnesses, injuries, and if you are on any medication. 

Be honest with your online personal trainer

Be sure to answer these questions to the best of your ability, and honestly, as these may influence how your trainer puts your programme together. 

But if you also get posture, lifestyle, diet, fitness and sleep assessments these are all a good signs that your trainer will be able to build an accurate picture and will be able to provide some sound advice.  

So, when you have a trainer that only assesses your body composition, ask yourself, what results they’re looking for.  

It’s easy to lose weight, but the way in which you do that will make a huge difference.  

Find a trainer that will help you develop your strength, habits and knowledge.  

Check if your programme is personalised to your goals

The most successful results come from programmes that aren’t cookie cutter products.  

When you get an online personal trainer, you are paying for the personalisation, to help you achieve YOUR goals, not generic ones.  

Just like face-to-face personal training, look for a programme that adjusts the nutrition advice, intensity and outcomes according to your preferences and goals.  

What FitRoots will answer

We understand that we aren’t the perfect fit for everyone, so we make sure at the beginning that we are right for each other. 

We will first sit down and assess your goals. For those looking for only weight loss, meal plans and HIIT workouts, we will recommend elsewhere. Our programme requires a lot more work than just physical, and if you aren’t prepared to put the extra work in, it may be a waste of your time and money.

#4. What are your expertise? 

Each trainer will have their own system or methodology.  

Try and find someone who is really passionate about their methodology, someone who really believes in it. This will give you the confidence that it is the right style of training.  

Ask them who they usually work with

You will find trainers that are experts in any field these days from post pregnancy trainers, to ones for tired, stressed out working mums.  

A trainer with washboard abdominal muscles and solid calves means nothing if they can’t help you develop your own strength and fitness goals.  

You need to find a personal trainer who is focused on you and your goals, not themselves. 

It helps if they have worked with people who have similar goals to you. 

Check what their training style is 

Some people like to be put under presssure, and feel motivated by sergent like drilling, and others will be discouraged by this. 

So if you have a trainer shouting at the screen, counting your reps, figure out if it is going to work for you long term. 

Personally, I would steer clear of the body building trainer types unless that is specifically what you are looking for.  

Also the cardio HIT programmes, these are quite short lived and can become quite boring, quickly. 

There are lots of PTs around these days that specialise in wholesome, functional health and fitness practices. They don’t only focus on meal plans and cardio workouts.  

Read: What Is Functional Training?

They will assess your habits, and give guidance rather than strict plans. Meaning you can transition out of the programme smoothly, as you have been educated on what to do and what not to do.  

Find a personal trainer who is passionate about what they do, and focused on you.

What FitRoots will answer

We specialise in Martial Arts, Functional Training and Philosophy.

The reason why we specialise in these three areas is they all focus on bringing our training back to our roots.

We usually work with anyone looking to master their potential in life. 

As long as you are ready for change we can help. 

#5. Do you provide nutritional advice and meal plans?  

It is no secret that when you start eating healthier, you look and feel healthier. 

All the nutrition advice we need is out there in books, and online but sometimes filtering through the information can become overwhelming. So, you want someone who knows their stuff and can answer your questions honestly and thoroughly. 

Know when to find a specialist

While many trainers will be able to provide bespoke meal plans and advice, it is best to find a nutritionist if you have something specific in mind. The reason for this is that they aren’t qualified to prescribe supplements or eating plans which restrict certain food groups or types.  

What FitRoots will answer

We generally don’t believe in meal plans, so in short no. 

However, we do give nutritional advice and principles. 

It’s more about education than restriction. We want to give you the tools to make the right choices for you.

Food is to be enjoyed, don’t feel guilty about it!!!

#6. Can I see some of your client success stories?  

Most trainers will have some sort of transformation videos or pictures. But the really remarkable results are more than just visual.  

Videos will tell you more than before and after photos

If you get to watch or hear someone’s story, you will really find out the transformation your PT provides. These results will be more about wellbeing and improvement in life rather than just losing a few pounds and toning up.  

What FitRoots will answer

Yes! They’re here 

#7. What is your cancellation policy?  

Sometimes things just don’t work out. 

It’s not a good fit, you are not getting enough support, or you just aren’t ready for change yet. 

Whatever the reason you do not want to be tied into something you are not using. 

Check the fine print

Before you sign any contracts, make sure you fully understand the policy or agreement, and how to get out of it if things change. 

What FitRoots will here

We only want to work with people who are all in. That’s why we won’t hold you into any contracts.

Last few tips

  • Be clear about your goals, but be realistic too… 
  • Be honest about your lifestyle 
  • Be open minded to alternative training methods  
  • Don’t ask for only cardio and meal plans  

AND Finally…

The most important question to ask an online personal trainer

Anything that’s on your mind!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Ready to find an online Personal Trainer? 

Remember your personal trainers’ job is to help you achieve your goals. 

They can’t do it for you, but they can help steer you onto the right path. 

Ready to start achieving our goals?  

Our experienced team of trainers will help you build your warrior physique and mentality by applying our battle tested system to master your life with Martial Arts, Functional Training, and Philosophy. 

Don’t waste time, book your consultation here now! 

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