Build Confidence With Martial Arts – Aaroosh’s Story

Building confidence isn’t easy for anyone. Keep reading to find out why Aaroosh’s parents chose to build his confidence with Martial Arts.

Aaroosh joined FitRoots when he was just 4 years old. We will never forget his first class where he walked in wearing a Spiderman costume. We knew from that very moment, that if his parents committed to the programme, he would be a Master Martial Artist.

Watch Aaroosh’s story below to find out more about his transformation.

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Are You Holding Your Child Back?

Initially, Aaroosh’s parents were unsure about him being able to keep up in class as some of the other children were older and more skilled. They were concerned he may be holding others back.

This is a common concern so many parents have, and it’s important to understand that  not all students have the same learning styles, and requirements. When they are consistent, they will develop physically, mentally and spiritually. But they will do it in their own time and their own pace.

We assured his parents that Aaroosh is not alone, and very many students start off classes with lots of energy, not knowing where to channel it.

Funnily enough, Aaroosh is one of our strongest performers now. His physical and skill has consistently developed as well as his understanding of the world around him. He has learnt through Martial Arts, that it is just as important to train our mind as well as our bodies. And recently wrote in one worksheet that “Worry and fear will not let me train.” Such excellent insight from a 5 year old!

Having patience with your child and building their confidence

All too often we have parents expressing concerns that their child has not improved after 2/3 months. And to be honest, this is as tough for us as it is for them. Because the expectation they have on their child to change does not give their child time to adapt and learn.

It’s not their fault though. We as a society has been conditioned to want quick results, and quick fixes. Often disregarding the transformative journey for the end result.

All too soon these parents leave and miss out on great potential. If it’s worth it, you must be patient. You child is just starting their journey in life, and it is up to us adults to show them that quitting is not a way to achieve our goals. As the common saying goes Kids don’t quit, parents do.

So just like Aaroosh’s parents, we encourage all parents to enjoy the journey to witnessing their child’s transformation.

How many times a week should children train for great results?

Aaroosh’s parents jumped back in head first and signed Aaroosh up to train twice a week. We always encourage parents to bring their children down twice a week as once is just not enough to make it an integral part of life.

And yes, we understand that children have really busy schedules these days. But, with 101 activities it doesn’t mean they are going to be good at all of them, maybe none. When you are unable to focus your energy physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually you are constantly pulled from one to the other.

Imagine you had to do a different activity every day of the week, it would be exhausting and draining. And if you aren’t excelling at any after a significant amount of time, it can be rather deflating too and may leave your child with an ‘I’m not good enough’ mentality.


Tuition vs other Activities

Tuition is one that we have lots of parents struggling to work around.

Their children go to school 5 days a week, sitting for at least 5 hours a day and you want them to continue their school studies after too?

Take a moment and think about this one.

Ask yourself why you are sending them to tuition… Is it to learn or to pass exams with good grades?

Be really honest with yourself and decide what your child needs more of before throwing them into the next thing all the other mums are signing their kids up for.

I’ve never spoken to a child that say they would love to revise more, they say they should, and they want to discipline themselves to. It’s all conditioning, built into them at school. Quite often we see academic, school studies kill the love of learning for children in favour of passing exams with high grades.

One student recently said to me that having to read at school makes reading as a whole boring and that she never wants to pick a book up in her free time! She is also a star, A grade student too.

I found this both shocking and sad, school/tuition should be teaching students to become passionate about learning and building their thirst for knowledge.

So many parents want to build their child’s character, confidence and self esteem. Bring out the best in them and Build their Confidence with Martial Arts.

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Bringing The Best Out of Your Child

Priya (Aaroosh’s mum) gives some great advice to all parents in knowing your child, and how to bring the best out of them.

“I think being a parent is always a trial session to check, to know what your child is looking for, what capability, what is their strength, and where to utilise their energy or to channel them in a best possible way.” – Priya


Just like many parents, Priya struggled to find the right activity for Aaroosh.

Building confidence is a learning process for every child, and their parents.

Were you confident as a child?

What could you have done to build it even more?

Thank you to Aaroosh, Priya and Neel(Aaroosh’s dad) for being such a pleasure to have as part of the #FitRootsFam.

Speak to a FitRoots instructor to find out how your child can Build Confidence with Martial Arts here.

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